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With Alligator, energy management takes place even when nobody is sitting in front of the dashboard, as Alligator scans the system 24/7 in real-time. In case of anomalies, the software alerts with an alarm, where you determine who receives the alarm in which cascade and severity level. This way, energy waste is identified at the time of occurrence and can be eliminated.
This applies not only to the quantity but also to the quality of energy consumption. Imbalances, peak loads, unnecessary base loads, and other everyday occurrences are exposed and alerted by Alligator.

Cracking the EnPI code

Best Case Identification
in real-time

Modern management is mostly based on dedicated metrics for all possible business processes. The development of costs, emissions, and availability also requires a metric system for energy. The technical term is Energy Performance Indicator (EnPI). This is the king's discipline of energy management for us.
With Alligator, you can create unlimited EnPIs that compare and evaluate processes and scenarios in real-time. This is the digital, automatic application to dynamically identify the best case for your processes.

All functions are scalable

What is necessary?
What is possible?
What is profitable?

As we deal with efficiency, the measures to increase efficiency themselves must also be efficient, of course. In plain language: profitable. As a rule, we calculate an ROI of about 12-18 months for the required optimizations. This usually includes the concept, the measuring technology including installation, and the operation of the software for at least 24 months (BAFA funding period).
Since Alligator is freely scalable, we usually start with the main consumers (SEUs, Significant Energy Users) and scale the system up as needed based on profitability forecasts.

Concept for realization

Which measuring technology?
How much software?
What will it cost?

Without data sources, there are no measurement values, that should be clear; that hurdle has to be taken.
Our data engineering analyzes the situation, creates a measurement concept, and defines the measurement devices, networks, and interfaces required for implementation. This applies not only to basic energies such as electricity, gas, oil, water, etc., but also other digitally measurable parameters. This is often the crux of the matter, because the quality and quantity of useful energy is produced incorrectly. This is particularly true for compressed air, heat or cooling.

Who benefits from us

We make your employees and teams fit for modern energy management


Operations Manager

Update on technical possibilities, measurement and control technology, data transmission, networks. The advantages of modern real-time energy management and its additional benefits for maintenance, servicing and resource planning.



Dealing with key figures is common practice for business people, but there are often none for expensive energy in particular. The key figures that an energy management system can provide and how they can be interpreted for the benefit of the company astonish many seasoned managers.

Digital products

Energy purchasing

Energy is purchased and calculated in kilowatts per hour. Reports on when, how and where energy is required are a basic prerequisite for efficient energy purchasing. Unfortunately, what to look out for and how to interpret load profiles is still a minor matter in many cases.

Digital products

Financial officer

Every kilowatt hour not consumed has an immediate positive effect on the balance sheet. Case studies show that energy management software usually pays for itself after 18 months. The federal government offers attractive subsidy programmes for this. In the context of energy management, not only for the software, but also for the modernisation of operations.

Digital products

IT department

Modern energy management software correlates consumption data with orders. Modern energy management has APIs and other interfaces to ERP and PDM systems. What is technically possible and safe to implement here is developing rapidly on the energy management side. Stay up-to-date with us.

Digital products

Data Analysts

The correlation between energy consumption and the production process is the basis for meaningful energy performance indicators. Regardless of whether you are frying a hamburger or casting engine blocks. We know how to generate and interpret the necessary data.

Simply start for free and without risk

1. Non-binding and free of charge


  • Feasibility check

  • Handlungsempfehlung

  • Cost estimate

  • Presentation of results

If you are interested, you will first receive a confidentiality agreement from us (or optionally an NDA from you), which guarantees our discretion. We will also disclose which companies we work for in your sector in order to rule out competitive conflicts from the outset. We also provide you with a checklist that queries the current status of your energy management system, the relevant machines, responsibilities and BAFA statuses. From this, we can determine whether a project with us is promising. Only when this is clear do we start the feasibility study.

2. Feasibility Study

Decision support

  • Project scope

  • Offer

  • Funding check

  • Recommended action

We take a very close look at your processes and consumption data. We also analyse the consumers and their interaction, the energy infrastructure and, in particular, the useful energy requirements (cooling, heating, compressed air, etc.). On this basis, we calculate whether and to what extent energy efficiency can be optimised and at what cost. In many cases, we also gain insights for process optimisation.
At the end of the day, the result is a study that forms the basis for an action plan, both commercially and technically.

3. Realisation

The Planning
for the realisation
of your project

  • Team Building

  • Partner recommendation

  • Roll Out Plan

  • Project management and acceptance

If required, we offer a well-coordinated, competent team for the realisation of your energy management system, which is preferably responsible for the realisation of the concept with your specialists on site. The sensors, gateways, data transmission and interfaces are identified and installed. Here, too, we like to take a scalable approach: We start where we recognise the greatest potential for efficiency. However, a higher resolution of the consumption data can be realised at any time.
This is why our projects are so profitable and therefore successful for the client.

Our pricing model

Clear, transparent and secure

The Start

We only accept a project if we can assume from the checklist that an energy management system makes sense and can be realised in your company. Up to this point, all work is at our expense. Only when you accept and commission a binding offer from us will you be charged for the project.
As a rule, we start with a very informative feasibility study. This enables you to estimate the scope of the project and the associated costs, giving you a sound basis for making a decision.

BAFA funding

All Alligator services are eligible for BAFA funding in Germany, as Alligator is BAFA-accredited and listed. In order to benefit from the subsidy, BAFA rules must be observed, which always refer to the applicant company: Small companies receive up to 45%, medium-sized companies up to 35% and large companies up to 25% subsidy. We are happy to check the eligibility of your project in advance, but we accept no liability for this, as the application process always requires the co-operation of the company.

Close alliance


  • Measuring Concept
  • User structure
  • Dashboards
  • Training



  • Measuring points
  • Digital data sources
  • Interfaces
  • Installation planning



  • Data centre
  • Data Maintenance
  • Data Analysis
  • Alarm control

We know all about processes,
measurement technology, software,
regulations and funding

This concentrated expertise is at your disposal and creates a solid basis for your decision. With us, you have the guarantee that we will provide you with manufacturer-independent advice and will not try to sell you anything. We identify the most sensible and promising measures for your company to massively increase energy efficiency.

If required, we can also support you in setting up an internal energy management structure, defining responsibilities and activities and managing the project. You determine the scope of services according to your needs, whereby some of our services are also subsidised.

We only accept mandates where we can foresee that they will be successful.

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