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What Alligator records, interprets and analyses in real time

How Alligator works

An energy flow is always a unique event

With Alligator, a consumption value is not a simple value that is displayed and saved, but always a unique event. The event is unique for two reasons: The time of the event is unrepeatable. And the related conditions are therefore also always unique: the temperature, the machine status, the production speed, etc. Alligator memorises this event and everything surrounding it, and never forgets it again. For the actual production process, Alligator remembers a corresponding energy performance indicator, for example 100 km travelled = 7 litres of petrol. This is the benchmark for all comparable processes. So if you drive 250 km and use no more than 17.5 litres of petrol, it's OK under the same conditions. If you consume more, it indicates that you can do better.
Alligator remembers exactly the value and the circumstances of how to do it better.

Energy performance indicators explained simply

Always consider consumption data in correlation to performance

Let's stick with the example of petrol consumption, which is only of limited significance. For a real assessment, it is important to know how fast you were travelling. On the motorway or on a country road. With a car, a truck or a bus. Were you travelling alone or with passengers and a load? Only when you correlate performance with consumption does the performance figure (petrol consumption/100 km) become meaningful.
In commercial practice, this means: How much compressed air do you get for one kilowatt hour? How many burgers could you fry with a daily gas consumption of x kWh? How high is the consumption if you mill a steering knuckle faster? These are precisely the parameters that turn a consumption value into an event that is not only comparable, but also forms the basis for automated instructions: If you produce the steering knuckle with the parameters A, B, C, you need 18% less energy.
This is what distinguishes the Alligator SOFTWARE from a WEBSITE for visualisation. But that's not quite true:
Success with Alligator makes all the difference!

Immerse yourself in energy management

Process analysis
Quantity measurement
Quality analysis

Alligator also looks into the depths of the energy flows and interprets the events from other perspectives: Does the production process really need the compressed air provided at time x or can it be done risk-free with less? Which machines are running at unproductive base load? What causes which peak load and why? Where are unbalanced loads and therefore reactive current generated?
These are all superficial criteria for energy management. Alligator really goes into depth with automatic anomaly detection. As already mentioned:
Alligator does not forget...

Key performance indicators
are our speciality

We have given you an insight into the principles of our work and the software features. Behind this is the philosophy that the software must work as intelligently and autonomously as possible. After all, there is no other way to master the flood of digitalised data; and this will not decrease in the future.

As I said, no human can do it without an Alligator!
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